Change Of Group

Change Of Group
March 27, 2024 7:30 am
The Amore, Surat

Change is indeed the only constant in life, and as we embrace this truth, we are also transitioning to a new leadership team in our BNI journey. It’s time to come together and honor the dedication and hard work of our Leadership Team Committee members (LTMC), while extending a warm welcome and support to our incoming leaders.

Join us as we celebrate the achievements of this tenure and delve into the insights gained from the past. This is not only a moment to reflect on our past successes but also an opportunity to eagerly anticipate the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Your presence and active participation are invaluable as we mark this significant moment in our BNI Diamond’s journey. Please join us for this special occasion.

Let’s shine bright together as we navigate this transition and embark on the next chapter of our BNI Diamond’s success.